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Library Committee

Composition of the Committee


  • Associate Deans (Ex‐officio Members)
  • The Dean & Director will nominate two (02) fulltime faculty members from each FBA and FCS (total 04) one of them will be nominated as Chairperson of the Committee)
  • Head Librarian (Ex‐officio Member & Coordinator)


Functions of the Committee


  • Serve as an advisory body to the Library on its policy and strategic matters.
  • Explore and facilitate in securing necessary support and resources for further development and advancement of Library.
  • Facilitate in identifying, establishing and maintaining high level contacts with important business and academic institutions worldwide, and with other related organizations.
  • Give input in framing and updating library related policies including procurement of books, subscription of journals (both in print and electronic formats) and electronic databases etc.
  • Advise and guide on the latest best practices in library services and facilitate in their implementation for the purpose of improving existing services / resources.
  • Play an active role in promoting library initiatives / services among wide range of constituencies within and outside IBA.


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Quorum for the Committee

  • Three members will be required to meet the quorum.

Frequency of Meetings

  • At least once in a semester or as and when required.

Members of Current Library Committee


Dr. Mohammad Nishat   Chairperson
Dr. Wajid Hussain Rizvi   Member
Mr. M. Azam Ali, J.D.   Member
Dr. Faiza Mushtaq   Member
Mr. Waseem Muhammad Arain   Member
Mr. Muhammad Anwar   Member & Coordinator