Personal Collections

Publication of foreign government agencies and those of United Nations; World Bank; IMF; ADB and their specified agencies are also shelved separately with the collection designation of ‘RP’ before the class number. Additionally, this collection includes the publications of other international and national research organizations and academic institutions that contain valuable and authoritative data and reports usually not available in other sources.


  • list NSK Collection: NSK Collection encompasses books donated by former Pakistani Diplomat Mr. Najmul Saqib Khan (Late).  This collection consists of around 3000 books majorly on international relations, politics, history, economics, biographies and fiction.

  • list ONA Collection: Collection donated by Dr. Omar Najmuddin Azfar holds 300 books on different subjects including economics, politics and corruption.
  • list EM Collection: The collection contains very selective books on leadership, management, marketing and other corporate affairs donated by Chairman & CEO of Unilever Pakistan, Mr. Ehsan Malik.


  • list IH Collection: The collection of materials donated by Dr. Ishrat Husain, Dean & Director IBA and former Governor State Bank of Pakistan. Totaling over 1000 items, this collection include books and research reports.



General Collection – Seven Day Collection

The main collection of the libraries comprising of text and other books required to supplement the course and general academic interests of the patrons. This collection is commonly known as “Seven Day Collection”, as all the books in this section consists of circulating items and can be borrowed as per borrowing privileges.