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Information Handling Skills

To enhance the information literacy skills of the researchers and the faculty, library offers training and customized sessions on:


  • Understanding Literature Searching – exploring internet and electronic databases subscribed by the library, understanding basic concepts of designing search strategies to maximize the information retrieval from huge repositories of information.
  • Exploring for Research Topics – targeting research oriented information to explore specific research interest or subject areas and to discover different formats and sources of research information by directly tapping into the invisible internet.
  • Managing Information – Citing Management & Plagiarism Awareness –1-2 hoursintroductory session or whole day workshop with hands-on training are conducted to train researchers in the use of EndNote, commonly used citation management tool by the researchers worldwide and Turnitin, utility to prevent plagiarism (it improves researchers writing cycle by preventing plagiarism).

Researcher or faculty may ask for the individual consultation or group instruction or in-class sessions, download the request form or call us at 2273 / 2275 or drop an email at library@iba.edu.pk